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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bedroom Reveal & IKEA Dresser Hack

Welcome back. I hope you all had as relaxing of a weekend as we did! We have cuddled up with hot chocolate and blankets, had a dinner date with some great friends and worked around the house (of course). I was very thankful for some sunshine, yesterday, so I could get some shots of our dungeon bedroom with a small amount of natural light.

We finished up a small project yesterday in the bedroom that really isn't a big enough DIY project to even be worthy of it's own blog post!  So, I've coupled it with a tour of our bedroom.

We bought a dresser from IKEA a few months ago to serve as Mr. H's bedside table.  I've gone back to try and find the dresser on IKEA's website but I don't think it's available anymore so I can't give you any specifics on it's name or price (thinking we paid about $50).  I really didn't like the hardware pulls on the dresser drawers so this DIY was simply changing the existing hardware.

Here's the hardware I ordered online:

Here's the dresser mid-hardware change.  You can see the horrible hardware that the dresser came with on the bottom drawer:


                                                                        Dresser before

The new drawer pulls were about $1.50 each plus shipping. 

                                                                         Dresser after

 I am loving the antiqued brass look against the dark ebony wood.  Easy, simple, IKEA dresser face lift.  If you find a piece of furniture that you love but the hardware is dreadful, just remember, hardware is an easy fix.

Here are some other pics of our bedroom.  Unfortunately, I don't have before pics but this bedroom has undergone a drastic transformation since my husband's bachelor days in this condo (just picture typical male dorm/fraternity room).

                                                                  DIY Upholstered Headboard
                                         Our wedding photos grouped together to make a bigger impact

                                           Love the texture the cowhide rug gives the space

                                                              Headboard-DIY project
Bedding-Lewis Paisley by Pottery Barn
Pillows-custom made by my mom
Dark bedside table-IKEA
Mirrored bedside table-Kirklands
Lamps-Stein Mart
Picture frames-Pottery Barn
Mirrors-Garden Ridge
Chest-Home Goods
Cowhide rug-Sams Club
Paint color-"Ashes" by Behr

 As you can see, this bedroom was pulled together with items from lots of different stores.  I like approaching a room that way because it gives it a collected feel with more depth.

Mr H says this room is very relaxing.  What do you think?

Do you prefer subtle muted colors in your bedroom sanctuary or bursts of color?

 (She always has to be in the middle of projects-maybe she thinks she's helping)

See ya soon, xoxo


  1. Great look! And where did you get your bedroom chandelier?

    1. Leave it to you mom to find the detail I forgot! We are so much alike! The chandelier is the Hampton Bay Maria Theresa from Home Depot (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Hampton-Bay-Maria-Theresa-6-Light-Chandelier-C873CH06/202184534#.Uapa55ywVVU). It frequently goes on sale for about $50 which is what I paid.

  2. So beautiful Lori!!! I can definitely see how you have transformed the bachelor pad!! I hope you do a post on how you made your headboard. I've been looking for something similar and decently priced for a long time!!

    1. Thanks, Emily! Finally got the reply button working on my blog which is why this response is delayed! The headboard was so easy and fast. Let me know what you're wanting and I'll try to help! Miss y'all ;)


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